How To Bypass Reliance Jio’s 1GB Limit To Use Unlimited 4g Data(Working 2017)


    Remove Reliance Jio‘s 1GB Limit

    Hello, friends today I am back again with a new trick named How To Remove Reliance Jio’s 1GB Limit To Use Unlimited Data On Jio 4G. I know you all guys are looking for this trick. So finally today after long searching I came back with this trick. You can easily bypass Reliance Jio’s daily 1GB limit by reading out this post below. Just read carefully the post below.

    Remove Reliance Jio’s 1GB Limit
    Remove Reliance Jio’s 1GB Limit

    Bypass Reliance Jio’s Daily 1GB Limit

    First of all, when Reliance Jio 4G was launched in the market, they offered their Preview Offer which was totally free with unlimited usage in all things like data, calls, SMS, etc. After few weeks they changed their offer to Welcome Offer in which users were got unlimited calling, SMS, including 4GB daily 4G data after that 128kbps speed. This was a good offer, though, and it was until 31st December 2016. But after 1st January 2017 Jio team changed their offer again to Happy New Offer in which all users is getting unlimited calling, SMS, including 1GB 4G high-speed data after that 128kbps speed. This is too bad for all Jio users because in 4G network 1GB data is very less size. It will take maximum 1 hour to cross the limit.

    So every Reliance Jio users are now searching for some tricks or tweaks for how to bypass 1GB daily limit or how to use the unlimited 4g internet in Reliance Jio with high-speed data.

    Finally, I got the trick to bypass the 1GB limit and use the unlimited free internet in reliance jio 4g and this post, it is fully discussed with simple steps. You just need to check out the full post below and do all steps carefully.

    Requirements :

    Steps – Remove Reliance Jio’s 1GB Limit To Use Unlimited Internet

    1. First of all, make sure that you have downloaded all the apps from above link.
    2. Now install all apps one by one.
    3. Also, make sure that your mobile is rooted.
    4. Now go to settings and click on application manager and go to My Jio.
    5. Do Clear Cache and Clear Data and click on Force Stop.
    6. Now open Android ID Changer application and click on + icon to change Android ID.
    7. Now back to home screen and open MTK Engineering Mode application and go to MTK Settings.
    8. Go To Connectivity and select Radio option and click on Phone 1 or 2 according to your jio sim slot.
    9. Now type in the box and choose the first option (AT+EGMR=1,7,””)
    10. Now type an IMEI between the “” type this ⇒ 91147175121XXXX (type any random four digits for X)
    11. Now click on Send At Command.
    12. Done, now back to home screen.
    13. After that turn on Air Plane mode and turn off again (in place of switch off)
    14. You are done. Just open My Jio app you will see the magic.
    15. Repeat the whole steps again and again when you reaches 800-900 Mbs(approx).

    Final Words:

    So, friends, this is the full guide for how to bypass Reliance Jio daily 1GB limit to use unlimited high-speed 4g data in Jio 4G. This trick is fully tested by our team, and it’s working all over India without any issues. You just need to repeat all steps periodically. In this way, you can use the unlimited internet without any limitations. Hope you guys like this trick. Please share this trick if you liked the trick. Keep visiting for latest updates.