Happy Hug Day 2017 Images, Quotes, Wishes and Status


    Happy hug day : the sixth day in valentine week 2017 is hug day that’s on 12 february 2017. On this day kids hug their cherished ones or overwhelm. At the moment is widely known everywhere in the global. When you have waited plenty to express your emotions in your love, hug day is first-class possibility to affect your girlfriend/ boyfriend in this day, by way of hugging him/her tightly with a good mood.

    There are times while you want to get a hug from your beloved as it is stated to be greater powerful than one thousand significant words. As creator dan pearce says, “a few moments can handiest be cured with a large squishy grandma hug.” as a part of valentine’s day celebrations, feb. 12 is dedicated to the intimate act of hugging, now not just among fans, however additionally to explicit your love toward your excellent buddies.

    In this hug day, ensure you specific your love toward your buddies, circle of relatives and different special ones with a warm bear hug. Nowadays marks another critical expression of love — a warm, comfy hug from your family a good way to make you forget about all of your issues. Scroll down below and test out hug day images for whatsapp fame in short & facebook greeting messages for boyfriend & lady friend.

    Happy Hug Day Images

    Hug Day
    Hug Day
    Hug Day1
    Hug Day
    Hug Day2
    Hug Day
    Hug Day3
    Hug Day
    Hug Day4
    Hug Day
    Hug Day5
    Hug Day
    Hug Day6
    Hug Day
    Happy Hug Day
    Hug Day

    Happy Hug Day Wishes

    A hug can say I am missing you.
    It can say you are special,
    It can soothe a crying mind,
    It can calm fear and cheer you.
    So here is a big hug from me to you. Happy Hug Day

    I have a special present for you my dear, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping it. Love you my dear friend.

    A hug is a handshake from the heart and I am sure a hug will help you feel calm and happy. Happy Hug Day.

    Alone? I’ll be your shadow.
    Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder.
    Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight.
    Because where your strength ends,
    My worth of being your love begins. Happy Hug Day

    No cost! No batteries required! Tax free!
    Performs silently, extremely personal!
    Fully returnable!
    Its a hug from me to You!! Happy Hug Day

    Hug Coupon
    Fat-free, sugar-free
    Require no batteries.
    Reduces blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate
    Help relive pain and depression.
    Redeem this coupon from your best friend
    Happy Hug Day.

    Just do me a favor,
    Put ur left hand on ur right shoulder and
    Your right hand on ur left shoulder.
    Guess what … I just messaged you a hug…
    Happy Hug Day!!

    You are so especial to me.
    There is nothing better than Having you as a friend to share each day with!
    Thank you for making my day brighter
    Happy Hug Day!!

    A sweet friend is like a pillow
    When you are tired you sleep on it
    When you are sad you drop tears on it
    When you are angry you punch it &
    When you are happy you hug it.
    Happy Hug Day!!

    Never ask for a hug Just take it Never ask Do You Love me Say I Love you Never say I Can’t live without you Say I live for you.

    Happy Hug Day Quotes

    “Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given without taking it back That is why I give you hug which can’t be giving without taking it back.”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “Let me live and die in your arms. Just like this, let me continue to Love you. Let me live and die in your arms.”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to ? Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses. I love only for you.”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today, Because when you give one, you get one right back your way. “
    Happy Hug Day!

    “Sometimes a hug is all you need.”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “I’m sending you this hug IT’S FREE! A special hug for you FROM ME!”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “A hug is not hug till it is warm and little tight Give and take a hug, it’s your birth right. It conveys the affection which you hold inside So let’s hug before it’s banned outright!”
    Happy Hug Day!

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    “Hug me when I’m there, miss me when I’m not, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.”
    Happy Hug day !

    “Love is a circular emotion that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a noose.”
    Happy Hug Day!

    “Let us embrace each other like we have the arms of two chairs. Let us dance like our legs are those of a table. We should do dinner sometime.”
    Happy Hug Day!