5+ Easy Tips To Generate YouTube Traffic


    Here are some very useful tips to generate targeted traffic from Youtube a #1 video sharing on Internet. The trick is to make an entertaining video that is also informative. You want to target people who are looking & searching for information. From our research, we have found that these are some tips that work well when you do Youtube video marketing for traffic.

    YouTube Traffic
    YouTube Traffic

    1) Produce Videos on YouTube:
    One of the largest search engines other than Google is none other than YouTube. Therefore, it is crucial to include YouTube in your arsenal of traffic strategies. Create your own YouTube channel. Produce and upload original videos with interesting content to your YouTube channel. Using the “annotation” feature while editing YouTube videos, you can add a call to action for viewers to go your website URL. Another strategy is to interlink your videos with annotations so as to pick up more views and more traffic. Optimize your YouTube channel by including a link back to your website in the profile information on the left panel.Here’s an excellent Youtube course:

    2) Optimize YouTube videos with searchable keywords:
    After producing and uploading interesting video content to YouTube, optimize your YouTube videos by tagging your video with searchable keywords. For phrases, remember to include the quotation punctuation:” “

    3) Add video responses to YouTube videos:
    Find other videos uploaded on YouTube that are related to your video content by searching your keywords in the YouTube search engine. Select the popular videos with many views and add a video response to that YouTube video. You can find this option near the comments section.

    4) Syndicate your Videos:
    There are many software out there for syndicating video content to other video sites. Although the bulk of your video views will come from YouTube, you will also be able to generate a considerable amount of niche traffic to your site by syndicating your video content to smaller video sharing sites. Do remember to include a link back to your website in your profile while setting up accounts on the different video channels.

    5) Screen cast Videos:
    Creating screen cast videos is an effective way you can use to drive traffic to you website. One strategy is to attach a screen cast near the end of the video to persuade visitors to check out your website. Talk about it for short while, pointing out the cool things visitors can find on your website. Some software I would recommend is Camtasia or Jing.

    6) Watermark your Videos
    To watermark your videos is placing an image overlay, which links to the URL of the domain you want to drive traffic to, on top of a video. This can be done using a video editing program, more specifically, a screen capture video software like Camtasia. This software works well on PC and MAC and even comes with a free trial of 30 days.

    These are some tips for Youtube traffic. That’s you need to know to jump on your topics and videos to generate traffic for you. This is very simple to scale if you wanted to take it to another level.