Raees Vs Kaabil box office CLASH: 3+ Reasons why Shah Rukh Khan’s film will be a bigger Superhit than Hrithik Roshan’s movie


    Raees Vs Kaabil : Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil are scheduled to be released in theatres on January 25. It is going to be a clash of the titans at the worldwide box office this Republic day. 

    Raees Vs Kaabil
    Kaabil vs Raees: Hrithik Roshan or Shah Rukh Khan – who will win the box office war on Republic Day 2017

    Raees Vs Kaabil box office prediction: 5 Reasons why Shah Rukh Khan’s film will be a bigger hit than Hrithik Roshan’s movie

    Raees and Kaabil are among the most-talked about and highly awaited Bollywood movies. Both have been creating ripples in the media for all good reasons for long time. Their promos show that both the films have got interesting stories and their screenplays have all the commercial ingredients to woo the mass audience. Both are being released on a grand scale across the globe and have good advance booking.

    But as per our box office prediction, Raees will become a bigger hit than Kaabil at the worldwide box office. Here are five reasons why we think the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer will be bigger success than the Hrithik Roshan starrer.

    Star Power:

    Raees and Kaabil feature two of the most popular actors in the lead roles and their presence would drive audience to theatres. But Shah Rukh Khan, who is known as Baadshah of Bollywood, has a huge fan following not just in India, but also in the international markets and collections of his previous movies are proof of his popularity. In terms of star power, SRK is bigger than Hrithik Roshan.

    Hype and Curiosity Surrounding these Movies:

    Both the films have got huge hype and curiosity surrounding them, but Raees has an edge over Kaabil in this aspect. The Shah Rukh Khan-starrer has been in production for the last two years and the movie buffs have been desperately waiting to watch it in theatres for a long time. However, the movie has apparently been delayed due to unavailability of proper dates for its release.

    Response for Promos:

    The makers of both the films have shelled out hefty sums on their publicity and have also adapted several new promotional strategies. The promos of both have garnered massive response in online and offline. The response for Raees is much bigger than that of Kaabil. If you don’t believe it, click here to see the response to their promos on YouTube.

    Volume of Release:

    Raees and Kaabil are slated to be released in around 5,000 screens across India and nearly 1,500 screens in key international markets together. But the Shah Rukh Khan starrer is set to have bigger screen count than the Hrithik Roshan starrer in both domestic and overseas markets.

    Advance Booking:

    Raees and Kaabil have got decent advance booking in major circuits like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore and Hyderabad and a few other areas in north India. As per BookMyShow, many theatres screening Raees have sold out all the tickets for its opening day in Hyderabad, while Kaabil registered over 50 percent booking. Raees has an upper hand in other areas too. Check this photo for advance booking in Hyderabad.

    Raees Vs Kaabil
    Raees advance booking on BookMyShow



    Raees Vs Kaabil
    Kaabil advance booking on BookMyShow

    IBTimes Box Office Prediction:

    These above mentioned aspects are important factors that decide the fate of a Bollywood film at the box office. The Shah Rukh Khan-starrer has an edge over the Hrithik Roshan starer and this makes it clear that Raees will have bigger prospects at the box office than Kaabil. As per our prediction, Raees and Kaabil are likely to collect over Rs 20 crore and Rs 12 crore, respectively at the Indian box office on their opening day.